Bequia Youth Sailors navigate True North

True NorthThis morning the Bequia Youth Sailors headed True North …. to Bequia Marina where the Volvo Open 70 ‘True North’ was moored up, ready for their long awaited sail aboard this amazing racing yacht.

The yacht is now on its world tour to promote Dubai as the next hosting country for the Expo2020 and it called into St Vincent & the Grenadines as the 2nd stop in its itinerary, Barbados being the first.

After a briefing from the Skipper, Alistair Moore, explaining the safety aboard the vessel, The Bequia Youth Sailors set off out into the bay where the sails were hoisted, with a team of 6 young sailors on the grinders hoisting the mainsail. The foresail was next and almost immediately the boat headed off at 10-11 knots out of the bay, heading effortlessly off toward St Vincent.

True North_GRW_4667_600As we entered the channel and the winds picked up the boat eased towards 15-16 knots and the young sailors took turns at the helm, assisted by Alistair and the crew,  taking us on an exhilarating sail out in the channel.

It was an exciting sail, with spray coming over the bow on almost every wave, sometimes drenching the guests and crew alike, even at the stern. It was wet sailing in these windy conditions which gave us all an insight into what it must be like out in the open oceans sailing at 20-23 knots which the boat is easily capable of.

True North is an adapted version of the racing version which sailed round the world in 2008-09 but even now the yacht is bare down below, with bunks either side, a large sail locker in the bow, a small galley kitchen with a small stove, but they do have the added luxury now of a fridge freezer, which is taken out for any serious racing.

The yacht is in St Vincent for only 2 days before it continues its tour up to St Lucia and onwards up the Caribbean island chain.

Out thanks go to Alistair and the whole crew of True North and their support team backing Ireland for making the trip happen and for giving us such an magical experience sailing on her.

More information regarding Dubai’s plans for the Expo2020 can be found here.


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